Participants from CIS and almost half of Russia arrived in the city on Neva for the “Russian Fairy Tale” festival:  Moscow, Estonia (Tartu), Latvia (Ozolnieki), Republic of Komi (Troitsko-Pechorsk), Udmurtiya (Pugachevo), Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Naberezhnie Chelny), Murmansk Region (Polyarniy, Polyarnie Zori, Vidyaevo), Rostov region (Novoshahtinsk), Tula region (Novomoskovsk), Saratov Region (Engel’s), Tambov Region (Michurinsk), Moscow region (Kolomna), Bryansk region (Michurinskiy, Klinzi), Sverdlovsk region (Asbest), Belgorod, Ivanovo, Velikiy Ustug, Cherepovez, Irkutsk, Nizhniy Tagil, Barnaul, Volgograd.

“Saint Petersburg” stage hosted more than 2000 contestants competing in the following nominations: instrumental music (solo, duet, ensembles; domra, balalaika, bayan, accordion, and guitar, piano), vocal (folk, pop), dance in different genres, theatre of fashion, art reading, arts and crafts. During the arts competition jury picked the best works in their relative nominations.

Jury consisted of the competent professionals and was chaired by Victor Mikhailovich Shiryaev (Moscow). He was eagerly sharing his experience and helped to determine the key message for each stage performance be that a dance piece or a theatre of fashion. His master class “Specifics of preparing a young artist for stage, artistic potential of teachers and children; Working on the stage image with the appearance as an important part of young dancers’ and singers’ learning” significantly helped Gala concert participants to perform to the high standard.

Irina Imhof (Zurich, Switzerland) - a member of the Swiss Music Teachers' Union, choirmaster, teacher and a doctor of music science. Irina was a strict judge but at the same time was very generous when giving practical advice to the singers. Her master class was dedicated to the “Folk singing as the basis of setting voice. Specifics and the general principles of singing”.

Andis Lenmanis (Riga, Latvia) is a choreographer, head of the folk dance ensemble "JAMPADRACIS". During his master class “Practical lesson on Latvian folk dance” he gave a lot of valuable advice to the contestants’ teachers and was more than happy to practice some moves with the participants.

Instrumental music nomination was judged by Haniyafi Mavlidinovich Chinakayev (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) - the honored worker in the field of arts of Russian Federation, professor of the Kazan Conservatory and the director of the Academic symphonic orchestra in Saint Petersburg Shostakovich Philarmony – along with Ekaterina Mikhailovna Baranova (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – pianist, head of chamber department in the Musorgskiy College of Music. Haniyafi led a master class on the “Specifics of working with children’s ensembles” while Ekaterina talked about the “Performance and art objectives when working on the musical composition”

Panadmitrieva Larisa Vladimirovna (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Triumph” art director, senior lecturer in the Vocal and Musical school of Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy – successfully juggled between judging and monitoring festival process. 

Contestants had a chance not only to compete with one another but also to visit museums and enjoy sunny Saint Petersburg which gifted its guests with wonderful weather. Comfortable hotel rooms were perfect to get rest after stressful performances and awaiting results. In the evening, we held parties where we invited clowns who gave out souvenirs and cheered up our young guests.

A lot of people wanted to leave their recommendations and signatures on our Comments desk. At the same time, the hall featured ceramic art pieces created by “Podsolnuh” studio from Koltushi.  It wasn’t the first time they became the winners in “Arts and Crafts” nomination. In the meantime, teachers could purchase professional literature and material, communicate with colleagues and specialists.

Gala concert was breathtaking. Korean dance with folding fans was followed by the Cossack song ensemble, high-spirited cadet dance, singing groups and soloists while the mastery of pianists, violin ensemble and symphonic orchestra inspired our audience. Theatres of fashion apart from showing taste and designer imagination, attempted to add acting in the way costumes were presented.

As the level of mastery was so high, our jury decided to give out two highest level awards.

Grand Prix winners:

Maria Parotikova

City: Moscow

Nomination: Folk vocal

Teacher: Snezhana Alexandrovna Orlova; Andrey Nikolaevich Krasnoperov

Maria received a free trip to the international competitive festival “Land of Magnolia” in Sochi in May 2013.

Maria Karpova and Ilya Karpov duet

City: Irkutsk

Nomination: Instrumental music. Piano

Teacher: Tatiyana Nikolaevna Zemtsova

Age category: 13 years old

Special prize:

Anna Korushkina

City: Saint Petersburg

Nomination: Instrumental music

Age category: 9 years old

Teacher: Marina Grigoryevna Polozova

We are sure that “Russian Fairy Tale” festival brought together the followers of the traditional, folk culture and academic art and enabled everyone to receive joy and inspiration from perfromances.


You can watch video from the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3EfjpzBtWI 


In the jury of the festival was attended by:

Заслуженный артист и заслуженный деятель искусств РФ, преподаватель по классу гобоя Санкт-Петербургской государственной консерватории им.

Заслуженный деятель искусств РФ, режиссер, балетмейстер-постановщик.