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Become a member of the choreographic project AKVA-TEMP! The project has no analogues in the Russian practice. The unique format of our creative camp allows young artists to combine rest and intensive training. The program gives participants the opportunity to create their own schedule of master classes and trainings. The total duration of classes is 8 academic hours a day. Training is provided by the best teachers, winners of popular dance TV projects and stars of foreign choreography. The received knowledge artists will be able to realize in their creative practice. In free from the competition program and master classes, children participate in battles, "light up" at discotheques, get acquainted with the culture of the region, find new friends!


International camp and festival "AKVA-TEMP!" will be supported by "St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education" and the International Academy of Music of Elena Obraztsova.

The competition is held to identify and support talented youth, popularize choreographic art in its performing and pedagogical aspects, and also to open new names and talents in the field of choreography. Also the objectives of the contest are: preservation and development of the traditions of the multinational culture of the Russian Federation; familiarity of participants with the dance heritage of the peoples of the world; increase the professional level of team leaders; conducting master classes, creative meetings and round tables for managers; the development of tolerance among young people and an adequate understanding of other cultures, ways of self-expression and manifestation of human individuality; exchange of experience between collectives, leaders and teachers, support of permanent creative contacts between them, their unification within the framework of the festival movement; creation of an atmosphere for professional communication of participants of the competition, exchange of experience and repertoire; attraction of producers and organizers of concerts for further contacts with teams participating in the competition, for organizing tours and participation in foreign festivals, competitions and concerts; attracting attention from state, international, commercial and public organizations to the problems of creative teams and performers; coverage of the creativity of children and youth in the media. Implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On approval of the foundations of the state cultural policy" No. 808 of December 24, 2014.

Each team participating in a choreographic camp must submit a contest program of 2 numbers (not more) within the same nomination, each soloist represents 1 number in the same nomination

During the festival, the best Russian and foreign teachers will be engaged with dancers in certain methods of teaching different dance styles and directions.

Street directions
Modern choreography
Folk choreography
Classical choreography
And they will also participate in the creation of a flash mob, the final single creative show. Participants will enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere of the sea, sun and dance. Beach parties, dance battles, beauty contests, stylized discos and much, much more! Heads of collectives are waiting for communication with invited teachers, exchange of opinions, creative ideas and

As part of the evening activities for the participants of the choreographic camp, dance battles are organized on a regular basis, during which young dancers have the opportunity to show their talent to a qualified jury, in a drive and fun atmosphere.

Each team participating in a choreographic camp presents a program of performances consisting of two numbers, with a total duration of up to 10 minutes. Soloists and duets represent one work with a total duration of up to 5 minutes.

Folk dance, stylized folk dance, variety dance, show groups, modern dance, modern, jazz-modern, contemporary, free plastic, sports dance (majorettes, cheerleading, etc.), street dance (hip-hop , disco, break dance, etc.), children's dance, ballroom dance and sports ballroom dance, classical dance, dance theater (solo, duets, small forms (3-7 people) and ensembles).
* solo, small forms and ensembles

Up to 6 years; from 7 to 8 years; from 9 to 10 years; from 11 to 12 years; from 13 to 15 years; from 16 to 18 years; from 18 to 25 years; over 25 years of age; mixed group. In the team of each age category, no more than 30% of participants younger or older than the specified age range are allowed. For example, in a team declared in the age category "9-10 years", up to 30% of the composition can be under 9 years old or older than 10 years.

The composition of the jury headed by the chairman is approved by the committee and is formed from famous artists, artists and artists, teachers of creative universities, filmmakers and public figures of Russia and other countries. The composition of the jury was not disclosed before the festival. After the end of the competitive auditions, round tables and creative meetings are held, at which the participants and teachers have the opportunity to discuss with the jury the contest performances, exchange opinions and get the necessary advice and recommendations.

All the collectives, participants in the festival competition, soloists and duets are awarded with cups, memorable awards and diplomas. In each nomination and age category, the titles of laureate I, II, III degrees, as well as the titles of diploma I, II III degrees are conferred. Soloists, Grand Prix winners, are awarded a free trip to one of the contest-festivals in Europe or Russia; collectives, holders of grand prix, receive a certificate approved by the certificate, which can be used to travel to one of the festival-competitions in Europe or in Russia. The amount of the grant is used at a time, solely for payment not more than 50% of the cost of the trip. Also, special diplomas and titles were created: "Best choreographer", "Best accompanist", "Best teacher", "Best choreographer's work", "Best number on a patriotic theme", "Diploma for Artistry", "Diploma for the youngest participant", " Best Stage Costume","Best National Costume "," For the Preservation of National Cultural Traditions "," For a High Level of Performing Excellence ".


Performances of participants will be held on the stage of the Concert hall of the sanatorium and entertainment complex "Aqualoo".

The Concert hall  "Aqualoo" is located on the territory of the complex, where the participants of the competition-festival live, in walking distance from the dormitories. The hall is equipped with everything necessary for organizing and holding speeches at a high level.

Master classes


The participants of the choreographic camp will be able to take part in different master classes from professional teachers of Russia and abroad every day.

A participant can create his own tutorial by choosing activities that are of greatest interest to him. Total activity in the choreographic camp "AKVA-TEMP!" is from 2 to 8 academic hours daily.

As part of the evening activities for the participants of the choreographic camp, dance battles are organized on a regular basis, during which young dancers have the opportunity to show their talent to a qualified jury in a drive and fun atmosphere.

Financial terms

For actual prices, please, click on certain dates above.


FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC AND ARTS it is necessary to send an application about the team (soloist) till date, mentioned in venue for certain dates (You can see the sample application on the website or receive by fax) and pay the registration fee.

In the application it is necessary to specify: the full name of the collective (soloist); nomination; the institution in which the collective is based, its postal address (with the index), tel./fax; date of creation of the collective, honorary title, awards; number of participants and their age; Competition program: title, author, timekeeping, phonogram carrier, technical means; Full name of the head of the team, contact phone numbers. For visitors: the need for additional meals or excursions and information about the time of arrival.

Excursional program

In the program of the festival free sightseeing tour is included. Upon request we can organize additional excursions for routes interested.


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