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Russia. Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg ia like a child, surrounded by the attention of adults: poets, painters, architects... The city received the best gifts: granite embankments, majestic bridges, ornate houses. Appreciate its beauty - become the participant of our amazing festival.  Having absorbed the beauty of all existing forms of art, growing up, Petersburg has become one of the key centers of Russia's culture, its aesthetic development. The city learned to inspire, to generate seeds of noble sentiment, from which you can reap a rich harvest. In this city you want to be, live, it wants you to enjoy its atmosphere. We invite you to become a guest of the festival. It will be a colorful end of the summer season and, who knows, maybe you will become the owner of the Grand Prix and go to one of our next festivals of the new school year absolutely for free!

Republic of Belarus, Minsk

Did you know that the genius Einstein wanted to teach at the Belarusian State University, the real doctor Aibolit lived in Minsk, and the first Russian Empress Catherine I, according to one version of her origin, was the daughter of a Minsk gardener? This is only part of the stories that the capital of Belarus cherishes carefully, spoiling its guests with fascinating stories. "Slavic Meetings" is an amazing contest in the Republic of Belarus! On one competitive stage here there are talents from the countries of the CIS and Europe, open to creative dialogue and international cooperation. Every year thousands of artists visit this amazing even with family atmosphere. The competition includes the organization and holding of events that are significantin the cultural life of the city, for example, a colorful gala concert with the best performances of talented children and youth.