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IV International festival of choreographic art “Mystery of dance”


From 1000 rubles

Become the best among the strongest! The competition of choreographic art is your guide in the world of creativity, a brilliant chance to define your skills at the international level, to adapt foreign practices to your own dance aesthetics, to perform on one of the most famous scenes in Moscow. Get a new choreographic skills with us! Not only the performance itself will help in it, but master classes for the participants and round tables for their teachers, which are sure to be conducted by experts invited by us. Bring up talent, grow and change with us! We are sure - each has a huge potential. The main thing is not to be lazy, improve your skills, look at the problem from different angles, search for new solutions, communicate and share knowledge. Every year the list of experts we attract for the event is growing with new names of invited professionals of different areas!


The international contest-festival will be held with the support of "St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education" and the International Academy of Music of Elena Obraztsova.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPETITION: The competition is held in order to identify and support talented youth, to popularize the choreographic art in its performing and pedagogical aspects, and to open new names and talents in the field of choreography.

Also the objectives of the competition are: preservation and development of the traditions of the multinational culture of the Russian Federation; acquaintance of the participants with the dance wealth of the peoples of the world; increase the professional level of team leaders; holding master classes, creative meetings and roundtables for managers; the development of tolerance among young people and an adequate understanding of other cultures, ways of self-expression and manifestation of human individuality; exchange of experience between collectives, leaders and teachers, support of permanent creative contacts between them, their unification within the framework of the festival movement; creation of an atmosphere for professional communication of participants of the competition, exchange of experience and repertoire; the involvement of producers and organizers of concerts for subsequent contacts with teams participating in the competition, for organizing tours and participation in foreign festivals, competitions and concerts; attracting attention of state, international, commercial and public organizations to the problems of creative teams and performers; coverage of the creativity of children and youth in the media. Implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On approval of the foundations of the state cultural policy" No. 808 of December 24, 2014.


Folk dance - ethnic, folk, characteristic
Dances of different nationalities, with the endurance of style, technique and music.
Folk-stylized dance is the performance of folk dances in modern treatments.
Dances of the peoples of the world
Classic Dance and Neoclassicism
Modern choreography: jazz, modern, free plastic, street and club directions, dances without rules
Variety choreography: show groups, step, oriental dances, disco
Sports choreography: hip-hop, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance
Dance Theater
Children's dance
Ballroom Dance and Sports Ballroom Dance
Original genre: balancing, eccentric, cheerleading, majorettes and drummers, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics with elements of acrobatics.
Dance show
Small forms (3-5 people) and ensembles


Children's group, up to 11 years old
Youth group, age from 12 to 15 years
Youth group, age from 16 to 20 years
Adult group, age from 20 to 40 years
Adult group, age over 40 years
Mixed Group
Small forms (3-5 people) and ensembles are accepted for participation. In the team of each age category, no more than 30% of participants younger or older than the specified age range are allowed. Competitive performances are held in the presence of spectators.

Participants of all nominations can perform competitive works with live music or have phonograms on a USB flash drive, signed as follows: track title, collective or full name and city (for example: Russian Dance, Kalinka, Moscow). On the USB-medium should not be other files, except the competitive program.

Each collective - the participant of competition - represents the program of performance consisting of two products with a total duration of up to 10 minutes (two numbers), taking into account exit and exit from the stage. In the nomination "dance theaters", the time for the performance can be extended to 15 minutes in the event that this is one story-setting.

Evaluation of participants is carried out by the jury, consisting of professional dancers, teachers-choreographers of higher educational institutions, directors, choreographers and variety artists.

Competition numbers are evaluated on a 10-point system.

Technique of performance - conformity to style, level of complexity, originality of choreographic decisions, creative idea, dancer's abilities to perform the characteristic features of the chosen dance technique, the quality of performance, rhythm, synchronicity in the performance of dance, lexical and compositional solution.

Composition / choreography - the choice of dance elements and their composition, shapes, variation, use of the dance floor, interaction with each other, the variability and originality of the use of various ligaments.

Image - self-expression, presentation, contact with the viewer, costume, expression of a conceived idea in dance composition, props, make-up. The entertainment of the room. Correspondence of the repertoire to the age characteristics of participants.

Preservation of originality and uniqueness of national traditions of different countries and peoples.

Winners are identified in accordance with the decision of the jury, based on the points reflected in the protocols. The jury's decision is final and not subject to change. The Organizing Committee and the jury have the right to recommend groups and individual participants for participation in other competitions and festivals.

All the collectives, participants in the festival competition, soloists and duets are awarded with cups, memorable awards and diplomas. In each nomination and age category, the titles of laureate I, II, III degrees, as well as the titles of diploma I, II III degrees are conferred. Soloists, Grand Prix winners, are awarded a free trip to one of the contest-festivals in Europe or Russia; collectives, holders of grand prix, receive a certificate approved by the certificate, which can be used to travel to one of the festival-competitions in Europe or in Russia. The amount of the grant is used at a time, solely for payment not more than 50% of the cost of the trip. Also, special diplomas and titles were created: "Best choreographer", "Best accompanist", "Best teacher", "Best choreographer's work", "Best number on a patriotic theme", "Diploma for Artistry", "Diploma for the youngest participant", " Best Stage Costume "," Best National Costume "," For the Preservation of National Cultural Traditions "," For a High Level of Performing Excellence ".


Performances of participants will be held on one of the best scenes of the city - in the concert hall of the hotel "Cosmos".

The concert hall of the Cosmos Hotel is one of the most popular concert venues in Moscow - there are many TV programs and concerts with participation of domestic and foreign stars, theater performances and circus performances. The hall has excellent acoustics and is equipped with the latest equipment. Professional technical equipment complements the stylish interior of the concert hall.


IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE FESTIVAL OF CHOREOGRAPHIC ARTparticipants can take part and improve their skills at master classes from professional teachers in various creative disciplines, gain theoretical knowledge and practical advice from experienced art masters. 


- participation in master classes for contestants is free,
- the visit is strictly by appointment,
- at the end of the master class, a certificate of his passing is issued,
- all information received in the master class can be used in further creative activity. 

Financial terms

For the teachers of organized groups, the offer is 15 + 1 for free.




Extra meals

Extra days


6 600



1 000

"Izmailovo", Gamma

7 600


 lunch, dinner– 550

1 950

The cost includes: participation in the competition and master classes, accommodation in hostels for a request (4-6-8-10-12 local accommodation), in the hotel "Cosmos" (2-bed accommodation in rooms with private facilities), breakfast for the program COMFORT, transfer from the railway stations in Moscow (on the dates of the festival), a sightseeing tour of Moscow.

Transfer hotel-concert hall-hotel is paid additionally: 150 rubles per person.

Group transfer for participants is organized according to the schedule: morning departure to the concert hall, in the evening - return to the hotel. Participants bear personal responsibility for being late / no-show at the time of transfer; the funds for the missed flight are not returned.

The "Cosmos" hotel is located in the north-east of Moscow on one of the main streets of the city - Prospekt Mira, in a green area, 20 minutes drive to the center. Opposite the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Ostankino TV Tower, Museum-Estate of Count Sheremetyev. Nearby are the sports complex "Olympic" and the Sokolniki Exhibition Complex, the Botanical Garden and the Losiny Ostrov National Reserve.Cosmos was built for the 1980 Olympics and has become one of the best three-star hotels and continues to be so until today.

Note: the organizational fee for participation in additional nominations is 1000 rubles per person, but not more than 14 000 rubles from the team.

FINANCIAL CONDITIONS FOR COLLECTIVES FROM MOSCOW AND MOSCOW REGION (excluding accommodation, meals, transfers and excursions)

The registration fee for participation in the competition: 1 000 rubles per person, but not more than 14 000 rubles from the team.


FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE COMPETITION it is necessary to send an application about the team (soloist) till November, 16, 2018 (You can see the sample application on the website or receive by fax) and pay the registration fee.

In the application it is necessary to specify: the full name of the collective (soloist); nomination; the institution in which the collective is based, its postal address (with the index), tel./fax; date of creation of the collective, honorary title, awards; number of participants and their age; Competition program: title, author, timekeeping, phonogram carrier, technical means; Full name of the head of the team, contact phone numbers. For visitors: the need for additional meals or excursions and information about the time of arrival.

IMPORTANT! According to the Russian Government Resolution No. 1177 of December 17, 2013 "On the Approval of the Rules for the Organized Transport of a Group of Children by Bus" (as amended by RF Government Decrees No. 579 of June 23, 2014, No. 652 of June 30, 2015, No. 569 of 22.06.2016), the time limits for submitting information for the organization of transfers and a sightseeing tour are limited.

Applications for the transfer and sightseeing tour are accepted no later than 3 weeks before the start of the festival. Groups that did not have time to apply before this deadline will be refunded money for organizing transfers and a sightseeing tour.

For the organization of the transfer and sightseeing tour it is necessary to send to the transport and excursion department to the address the exact data of arrival and departure for the festival, a filled table with the data of visitors and an indication of who will sit on the bus with whom.

Later, than 3 weeks before the start of the festivals, changes in the arrival-departure data, lists for transfers and excursions, transport layout of the participants is impossible. Responsibility for the reliability and timeliness of the provision of these data rests with the persons who provided these data on behalf of the participants. These data are accepted only in electronic form.

Preliminary program

Day 1
Meeting participants at the railway station in Moscow. Sightseeing bus-walking tour of Moscow according to the schedule. Hotel accommodation (rooms are available from 14.00). Dinner*. Free time for additional excursions *. Dinner*. Organizational meeting for teachers. Disco for children. Participants show non-competitive perforamnces. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast. COMPETITIVE DAY. Sample scene and sound. Rehearsal of the grand opening of the contest. The grand opening of the contest. Competitive auditions. Dinner*. Continuing competitive auditions. Round tables with members of the jury for teachers. Master Classes Gala concert and award ceremony. Dinner*. Festive disco. Special dinner for teachers. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3
Breakfast. Sightseeing bus-walking tour of Moscow according to the schedule. Transfer to the railway station.

* at extra charge.
Please note that the program can be changed!

Excursional program

Sightseeing tour around Moscow (4 hours)

During the tour the participants of the festival will see such key sights and places of Moscow as: Tverskaya Street, Pushkinskaya Square, Lubyanka Square, Presidential Administration Building, Cyril and Methodius Monuments, Temple All Saints on Kulishki, Varvarka Street, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Kremlin Embankment, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Bolotnaya Square, Leninsky Prospekt, Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow State University,  the Avenue of movie stars, monument to Leonov, Ambassadorial town, modern residential complex "Golden Keys" and "Sparrow Hills", Poklonnaya Gora, Arc de Triomphe, Novy Arbat street Znamenka - the oldest street in Moscow.

Additional excursions (paid separately):

1.Excursion to the film studio "Mosfilm" (4 hours)
"Mosfilm" - one of the largest film studios in the world. You will see the real "City of Cinema", during an interesting excursion, view the magnificent scenery for films, film sets and make-up workshops, visit the unique museum of retro cars.

Cost of excursion (rubles / person)
Group up to 9 people - upon request
Group of 10-15 people - children under 16 years - 2500 / adult - 2700
Group 16-20 people - children under 16 years - 1760 / adult - 1960
Group of 21-30 people - children under 16 years - 1620 / adult - 1830
Group 31-40 people - children under 16 years - 1210 / adult - 1420
Group 41-50 people - children under 16 years - 1170 / adult - 1370

2. Ostankino TV tower (4 hours)
The excursion program includes: a story of the guide about the history of the TV tower using multimedia technologies, meeting with the exposition of the museum of television and radio broadcasting, a visit to the unique exhibition of 3-D photographs of the legendary cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev, lifting on high-speed elevators to a height of 337 m.

Cost of excursion (rubles / person)
Group up to 9 people - upon request
Group of 10-15 people - children under 16 years - 2600 / adult - 3200
Group 16-20 people - children under 16 years - 2000 / adult - 2600
Group 21-30 people - children under 16 years - 1980 / adult - 2580
Group 31-40 people - children under 16 years - 1720 / adult - 2320
Group 41-50 people - children under 16 years - 1520 / adult - 2120

3. "Secrets and legends of Moscow" (4 hours)
Evening bus tour of the capital. Legends, mysterious phenomena; mystical, unsolved mysteries of the life and death of celebrities - all this is an ode to the history of Moscow. During the tour you will take a new look at the history of great people: Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Princess Sophia, Tsarevich Dmitry, Emperors Peter the Great, Paul I and Alexander I.

Cost of excursion (rubles / person)
Group up to 9 people - upon request
Group of 10-15 people - 1700
Group of 16-20 people - 1200
Group of 21-30 people - 1250
Group of 31-40 people - 920
Group 41-50 people - 770

4. Moscow Kremlin + Armory Chamber (6 hours)
The ensemble of the Kremlin includes monuments of different centuries. Here you will see palaces of Russian princes, emperors, hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, and also the residence of the President of Russia. You will see outstanding monuments of ancient Russian architecture: the Uspensky, the Annunciation, the Archangel's Cathedral, the Church of the Deposition, the Ivan the Great Belltower complex, the Faceted Chamber and the Patriarch's Palace. 

Cost of excursion (rubles / person)
Group up to 9 people - upon request
Group of 10-15 people - 3600
Group of 16-20 people - 2700
Group of 21-30 people - 2200
Group of 31-40 people - 2240
Group 41-50 people - 1870

5. Excursion to the modern complex of Moscow-City skyscrapers + climb to the observation deck (4 hours)
You go up to the highest skyscraper Moscow City, the tower "Federation". Before you will open an unforgettable panoramic view of Moscow, you will see millions of lights and you will feel the beauty of the capital city. The program includes: entrance ticket to the observation deck, lift on high-speed elevators at a speed of 8 m / s on the 89th floor of the skyscraper "Federation", printed photo for memory from the photo zone, format 10x15 cm, each guest, visit the ice cream factory + free portion ice cream "Clean Line".

Cost of excursion (rubles / person)
Group up to 9 people - upon request
Group of 10-15 people - children under 16 years - 2300 / adult - 2500
Group 16-20 people - children under 16 years - 1800 / adult - 2000
Group of 21-30 people - children under 16 years - 1830 / adult - 2030
Group 31-40 people - children under 16 years - 1520 / adult - 1720
Group 41-50 people - children under 16 years - 1370 / adult - 1570

1. Any other additional excursion program can be arranged for a fee at your request.
2. Prices quoted are subject to change. The current cost is additionally


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