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Italy, Florence

I International plein air “Mosaico di Firenze”


 A visit to Florence is a unique experience for a young artist who can take part in the open air of the modern "Florentine school", feel and be able to embody in shades and tones the whole gamut of feelings that a creative, subtle, emotional nature will inevitably experience here. Well-known European teachers and artists are involved in classes with participants.


The international festival of music and arts will be held with the support of "St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education" and the International Academy of Music of Elena Obraztsova and "Sanartis" s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic).

We winvite solo artist and groups from different countries, teachers of art schools, studios of arts. The art plein air has international status, includes the art plein air, master classes, exhibitions and other events of an international character in the field of professional fine art.

Classes in groups of 15-20 people. During the event, the best artists and teachers will educate participants in certain methods of work and teach them various styles and directions of art practices.

Support and popularization of fine art; expansion of international and interregional relations, harmonization of interethnic relations; preservation and development of the traditions of the multinational culture of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; identification and comprehensive support of the most talented and promising children and youth in the field of art; development of horizons and intellectual level of children and adolescents; exchange of experience between groups, teachers, support of constant creative contacts between them; improving the professional skills of teachers (conducting seminars, round tables and master classes); attracting attention from state, international, commercial and public organizations to the problems of art; media coverage of the works of children and youth.

Up to 6 years; from 7 to 8 years old; from 9 to 10 years; from 11 to 12 years old; from 13 to 15 years; from 16 to 18 years old; from 19 to 25 years old; over 25 years old.


Fine art: painting and graphics (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pen, ink, monochrome gouache, monochrome watercolor, pastel, etc.).
Photographic art.
Decorative and applied art: sculpture of small forms in the interior, academic sculpture, jewelry, sculptural and jewelry techniques: metal-plastic, perforated metal, diffraction, hand-forged elements, casting, embossing. Bone carving, costume design, graphic design, cold and hot batik, free painting, printed and printed, tapestry, hedge art, collage, quilt, art felt, textile doll, hand-made paper, linocut, lithography, woodcut, etching, engraving , other.

Participation is organized in the format of the exhibition. Each participant presents 3-4 works - 1 homework on a topic related to the trip, and 2-3 works from the plein air. The size of the work (for arts and crafts - the area of the base) is 50x70cm or less. Each work must have a label on the front side indicating the name and age of the author, city, title of the work, performance technique. Registration of work in a frame or mats is welcome. Participants of the open air should have with them all the necessary art materials (including cardboard, canvas, graphic materials, sketchbook, paints, paper, high chair, water, etc.)

The jury is formed by the organizing committee of the event from professional artists, teachers, cultural and art workers, public figures. The list of jury members is not disclosed until the beginning of event. At the end of the plein air participants and teachers have the opportunity to discuss competitive works with jury members and exchange views.

Criteria: compositional solution, performance technique, color scheme, space transfer, innovation.
Awarding: all collectives participating in the art plein air are awarded with commemorative cups. In each nomination and age group, the titles of the Laureate of I, II, III degrees, as well as the titles of the Diploma of I, II III degrees are assigned. One of the winners of the first prize, who won the most votes of the jury members, is awarded the Grand Prix. The participant who received the Grand Prix is awarded a free trip to one of the festivals or plein airs in Europe or Russia.

Financial terms


Price per person – 504 €  (10 + 1 free).

Fee: 65 € 

Extra fees: participation in nomination of fine arts in festival "Mosaico di Firenze" (20 € per person).

The price includes: excursions according to the tour program, Russian speaking guide, 2 nights in a hotel in Poland, 4 nights in a hotel in Italy, 1 night in a hotel in Austria, 1 night in a hotel in Germany
accommodation in 2-3 bed rooms with all amenities, hotels 2-3 *, 8 continental breakfasts per day in hotels, travel in a comfortable bus (video, kettle, toilet)

The price does not include: railway tickets Moscow-Brest-Moscow or St. Petersburg-Brest-St.Petersburg, medical insurance - 10 €, Schengen visa: 80 €, additional excursions and entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, additional excursions, extra days accommodation, extra meals.

Cost of 1 additional meal € / person 
10-14 € in Italy, Austria,
6-8 € in the Czech Republic, Poland.


FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE INTRNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC AND ARTS it is necessary to send an application about the team (soloist) till April, 3, 2020 (You can see the sample application on the website or receive by fax) and pay the registration fee.

In the application it is necessary to specify: the full name of the collective (soloist); nomination; the institution in which the collective is based, its postal address (with the index), tel./fax; date of creation of the collective, honorary title, awards; number of participants and their age; Competition program: title, author, timekeeping, phonogram carrier, technical means; Full name of the head of the team, contact phone numbers. For foreigners: the need for additional meals or excursions and information about the time of arrival.

Предварительная программа

1 day 03.05, Kraków
Morning arrival in Brest. Collection of the group on the platform near the train number 8 of the train Moscow-Brest. Passage of the border. Transit through the territory of Poland (about 420 km). At the request of the group, a stop in Krakow (for an additional fee of 10 euro / person with a minimum of 25 people). Short city tour: Old city - Barbican, which, together with the Florian gates and defensive walls, protected the whole of Old Krakow, the Royal Route, the Main Market - Europe's largest city square with an original chess structure, Collegium Maius - Yagelinsky University - one of the oldest educational establishments full of souvenirs and products of Krakow artisans, the Mariatic Church - the basilica, where there is a unique wooden Gothic altar. Dinner*. Overnight at the hotel (about 150 km).

2 day 04.05, Vienna
Breakfast. Transfer to Vienna (about 320 km). On arrival, a panoramic bus and walking tour of the historic center of Vienna: Ringstrasse, Opera, Town Hall, Parliament, Kärntner Straße, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Graben, Hofburg, Hundertwasser's House, Belvedere Palace, etc. Free time, during which people can visit the Treasury of the Habsburgs *, Hofburg Museums * (Sisi Museum, Imperial Apartments, Silver Chamber), Kunsthistorisches Museum *, Museum Quarter, Albertina Museum * (one of the largest collections of graphics in the world is represented here). For those who wish - dinner *. Overnight at the hotel in the Graz area (about 200 km).

3 day 05.05, Venice
Breakfast. Moving to Venice (about 400 km). Moving by water tram to San Marco Square *. Sightseeing walking tour of the city: the square and the Cathedral of San Marco, the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs. Transfer to Florence (about 260 km). Overnight at the hotel in the environs of Florence.

4 day 06.05, Florence
Breakfast. Sightseeing walking tour of Florence: Cathedral Square, Santa Croce Church *, square Signoria, Ponte Vecchio. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

5 day 07.05, Florence
Breakfast. Festival day. Exhibition. Awarding participants with diplomas, prizes, memorable gifts to all participants. Dinner*. Overnight at the hotel.

6 day 08.05, Florence (Rome / Pisa)
Breakfast. For those who want an optional excursion to the popular tourist centers: Rome and Pisa. Excursion to Pisa (for an additional fee of 15 euro / person for a group of at least 25 people) or to Rome (for an additional fee of 60 euro / person for a group of at least 25 people). Overnight at the hotel.

7 day 09.05, Verona
Breakfast. Transfer to Verona (about 233 km). After the preliminary information of the accompanying group - an independent examination of the sights of Verona. For those wishing to visit Verona * with a local guide (surcharge 5 euro / person): Scon, Arena, walls of the old city, Vecchio Castle, St. Anastasia Church, Cathedral, Juliet's house. Overnight at hotel in Germany.

8 day 10.05, Munich
Breakfast. Moving to Munich. Acquaintance with the city: the Marienplatz square, the Viktualienmarkt market, the New Town Hall, the Palace of the Wittelsbach dynasty, the National Theater of Bavaria, the Old Town, the Frauenkirche Cathedral, the famous Hofbräuhaus beer garden. Free time. Transfer to the hotel for the night in Poland.

9 day 11.05, Poland
Breakfast. Transit through the territory of Poland. Transfer to Brest (about 550 km).

10 day 12.05, Brest

Landing on the night train in Brest. The groups arrive in Brest at 2 am.

* - not included in the tour price

All distances in the program are indicated approximately (taking into account the optimal highways). It is possible to change the motorway for objective reasons (traffic jams, weather conditions, etc.). The host party reserves the right to make changes in the order of visiting the sites, preserving the program as a whole. Perhaps, reducing the time of walking and sightseeing tours. Optional excursions are organized with a minimum amount of 25 people.

Attention! For excursions in Italy you must use headphones, the cost of headphones for 1 excursion is 2-3 euro / person.


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The address of the organizing committee: 191186, St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 19, letter A, cab. 2D2.

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