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IV International plein air “Autumn in Paris”


from 399 €

Art-plein air "Autumn in Paris" is a unique opportunity to go on a fascinating journey through the most beautiful cities of the world, where you can not only draw stunning natural landscapes and architectural ensembles from nature, but also visit master classes of professional artists, take part in the exhibition. Within the framework of the open-air the excursion program on the main sights of Europe, a colorful ceremony of awarding the winners will take place.


IV International art plein air "Autumn in Paris" will be held in the framework of the International -festival of music and arts "Under the sky of Paris" ("Le ciel de Paris") and will be held with the support of Sanartis c.r.o. (Czech Republic, Prague).

Participants and collectives from different countries of Europe are invited. Plein air has the status of international, includes master classes, exhibitions and other international events in the field of professional fine arts.

Support and popularization of arts; expansion of international and interregional relations, harmonization of interethnic relations; preservation and development of the traditions of the multinational culture of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; the identification and full support of the most talented and promising children and young people in the field of the arts; development of the outlook and intellectual level of children and adolescents; attracting children's shelters, children with disabilities; exchange of experience between collectives, leaders and teachers, support of permanent creative contacts between them, their unification within the framework of the festival movement; increase of professional skills of heads of collectives and teachers (holding seminars, round tables and master classes); attracting attention of state, international, commercial and public organizations to the problems of creative teams; coverage of the creativity of children and youth in the media.

I. Graphics (pen, ink, monochrome gouache, monochrome watercolor, pastel, etc.)
II. Painting (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastel, etc.)
III. The photo
IV. Decorative and applied arts

Up to 6 years; from 7 to 8 years; from 9 to 10 years; from 11 to 12 years; from 13 to 15 years; from 16 to 18 years; from 18 to 25 years; over 25 years of age; mixed group. In the team of each age category, no more than 30% of participants younger or older than the specified age range are allowed. For example, in a team declared in the age category "9-10 years", up to 30% of the composition can be under 9 years old or older than 10 years.

Participation is organized in the format of the exhibition. Within the framework of one participation, 3-4 works are presented - 1 homework on the topic related to the trip, and 2-3 works from the plein air. The size of the work (for arts and crafts - the area of the basement) is 50x70cm or less. The participants of the plein air must have with them all the necessary art materials (including cardboard, canvas, graphic materials, sketchbox, paint, paper, chair, water, etc.)

The jury is formed by the organizing committee of the plein air from professional and amateur artists, teachers, cultural and art figures, public figures. The list of jury members is closed before the competition. After the plein air competition, the participants and teachers have the opportunity to discuss with the jury works and exchange opinions.

Compositional solution, highly artistic technique of execution, color solution, space transfer, innovation.

All collectives - participants of the plein air are awarded by memorable cups. In each nomination and age group, the titles of Laureate I, II, III degrees, as well as the title of Diplomant I, II III degrees are conferred. One of the winners of the first prize, who receives the largest number of votes of the jury members, is awarded the Grand Prix. The participant who received the Grand Prix is awarded a free trip to one of the festivals or open air in Europe or Russia.

Financial terms

The cost for 1 person is 399 euro (10 people + 1 person free of charge).

Organizational fee for participation in the festival: 
65 euro from the soloist,
30 euro from the member of the collective (but not more than 600 euro from the collective)
20 euro for the participant in the nomination decorative and applied creativity.

- excursions according to the program of the tour
- Russian-speaking guide according to the tour program
- 1 night in a hotel in Poland
- 3 nights in a hotel in the suburbs of Paris
- 2 nights in a hotel in Germany
- 1 night in a hotel in Prague
- 7 continental breakfasts in hotels,
- trip in a comfortable bus (video, boiler, toilet)


- Railroad tickets Moscow-Brest-Moscow or St. Petersburg-Brest-St. Petersburg
- Nedical insurance,
- Schengen visa,
- Entertainment and meals not provided for in the competition program:
walk on the boat on the Seine - 14 €, excursion to Montmartre - 5 €, transfer to Disneyland and Versailles, entrance tickets to Disneyland (70 € children under 18, 80 € adults), climb to the Eiffel Tower - € 11 (second level), € 17 (third level), entrance tickets to the Louvre - for persons over 18 years old - 15 €, entrance tickets to the Museum of Orsay - for persons over 18 years old -12 €, lunch 13-15 € in France and Germany, 10 € in the Czech Republic, Poland; possible assistance in organizing dinners.



- Send an application about the participation before September 1, 2018 (sample of the application can be viewed on the website or received by fax),
- pay an organizational fee.

In the application it is necessary to specify: the full name of the collective or the full name of the participant; the institution in which the collective is based, its postal address (with the index), tel./fax; date of collective establishment, honorary title, awards; number of participants and their age, full name of the head of the team, contacts. The list of visitors: surname, name - in Latin letters, as in the passport, date of birth, passport number, information about the time of arrival.

Preliminary program

Day 1 29.10
Arrival in Brest no later than 8:30 am. Collection of groups on the platform at the train № 8 of train № 027 Moscow-Brest. Boarding in the bus, it is possible to transfer across the border by train. Moving to Warsaw (about 200 km). Walking tour of the Old Town: Palace Square, the Royal Castle, the oldest church in Warsaw - St. John's Cathedral, the Jesuit Fathers' Church, built in the Renaissance style. Moving through the territory of Poland (about 500 km). Overnight at hotel in Poland.

Day 2 30.10
Breakfast. Transfer to Berlin (160 km). City tour (3 hours): Alexander-Platz, Museum Island, Unter den Linden, Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate. Free time. In his spare time it is possible: to visit the museums *, the Berlin zoo *, the aquarium *, to make a trip on the tourist bus number 100 *. Transfer to the hotel in Germany. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 31.10
Breakfast. Moving to Amsterdam. Acquaintance with the city: central station, Dam Square, Museum Square, flower market. Excursion program "Cheeses, shoes, canals of Amsterdam" *. Free time. Moving to Paris. Overnight in a hotel in the suburbs of Paris

Day 4 01.11 
Breakfast. Acquaintance with Paris - a panoramic bus and pedestrian tour of Paris: the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, the Place de la Concorde, the Great Boulevards, the Cathedral of St. Magdalena, Grand Opera, Vendome Square, Mira Street, Ritz Hotel, Sitte Island, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais de Justice, Chapel, Conciergerie, Latin Quarter, Pantheon, Sorbonne, Luxembourg Garden, Invalides, Alexander III Bridge, Trocadero, with which the most luxurious view of the Eiffel Tower opens. Walking tour of the island of Cité with a visit to the cathedral of Notre Dame. Walk along the Sieve embankments, the Conciergerie Palace, Dofina Square, the New Bridge, the Menial Bridge. For those who wish in the evening - additionally a rise to the second level of the Eiffel Tower * and a walk on the boat along the Seine *. You will swim under the most famous of its bridges, once again see the evening city and enjoy the views of the romantic embankments of Paris. Overnight at the hotel in the suburbs of Paris.

Day 5 02.11
Breakfast. FESTIVAL DAY. rehearsals, grand opening of the festival, competitive performances of participants. Summarizing. Meeting with the jury. Gala concert of the festival. Solemn rewarding of participants. Overnight at the hotel in the suburbs of Paris.

Day 6 03.11
Breakfast. Free day in Paris, visit the Louvre Museum *. or a trip to the Disneyland * amusement park. Departure from Paris approx. At 17.00, the night at the hotel in Germany.

Day 7 04.11
Breakfast. Moving to Prague. Walking tour of the historical center: Old and New Town, Prague Castle, Royal Route, Old Town Square with chimes and city hall, Tyn Cathedral, Charles Street, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square. Free time. In the evening, if desired, two-hour evening walk * along the Vltava River on the boat with dinner (buffet) Sightseeing tour of Prague. Overnight at hotel in Prague.

Day 8 05.11 
Breakfast. Departure from Prague. Transit through the territory of Poland with stops. Moving to Terespol / Brest.

Day 9 06.11
Arrival in Brest by about 09.00, boarding a train.
* - not included in the price of the trip


Phones / Fax:
8 (800) 250-80-55 (Calls to the RF free of charge)
8 (911) 250-80-55 (Calls to WhatsApp for free)
8 (812) 600-21-23
8 (812) 600-21-24
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The address of the organizing committee: 191186, St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 19, letter A, cab. 2D2.